Tips for writing essays in school

Essays are a very special type of text, because they combine the material with the high art of original representation. Of course this is a high goal for students – but getting started in the right direction is always necessary.

Therefore, we want to play through essay ideas on this page – we assume that some of it can be transferred to other topics.

Basically, we are willing to answer any questions and to help at one point or another, where it is stuck. For this purpose, we attach a contact form below. Of course, we can only help as much as we can and ask for your understanding.

How do you find a suitable question for an essay for a historical “subject”?

Example “Roosevelt”

It is about the American president, who has managed two crucial crisis situations from 1933 to 1945: on the one hand a “depressive” USA after the outbreak of the global economic crisis, on the other hand the destruction of fascism, which threatened the world, especially from Germany and Japan.

So that would be “the object”, the object that is involved.

We do not want to talk about a topic, because that already contains a question, which of course we also need for an essay – as for a piece of work.

In the essay, however, “there is still a lick on it” – namely, the escalation of the question and then a not only factual, but also nicely designed answering the subject matter question.

In this context, we remember the old saying: “Men make history!” To justify an objection: Of course, it is not just about men today, but also about women – but we first keep the old wording, because it is just controversial.

In addition, there is still an idea what that could amount to. It’s like a doctoral thesis: A question is nice. But if you have no idea how to fly light-fast over spaceships, it does not make much sense to work on the subject.

Now our idea is that great people can change the course of history – and this can be demonstrated by the example of Roosevelt, but not in the long run, of course.

Roosevelt has made the US a world power – if you look at the country in 2018, then you do not know how long it will remain world power – at least it has another strong competitor next to Russia – and a lot of problems in their own country.

So then:

We formulate the following essay question provisionally and would then advise those who wanted to work on it to coordinate with their teacher:

Franklin D. Roosevelt or the question of whether men (and of course women) can not “make history”

The clip we take here, even if it looks ugly. But we do not want the topic to lead to a gender conflict. “Men” is only here, because there is once this old saying, where we want to “rub” with other people. Besides, Roosevelt is a man once.

But then it comes to mind that he had a very strong woman at his side – and we could indeed include in the essay appropriately in the clarification – according to the motto: “Is not behind every successful person a strong partner?” But that would be a topic of its own again.