5 tips to write an essay

Writing essays is something that you have to deal with for a long time during your school days. However, it is still useful after school to know how to write an essay, as it may be necessary in professional life. If you plan to go into marketing or journalism or work in a general office, then you will certainly benefit if you know how to write an essay.

Let’s give you some tips for the essay writing so you are well prepared for chores, term papers, graduation, high school graduation or high school diploma.

Tips for Writing Essay

  1. Schedule essay structure

Take the time to consider a structure before writing. Brainstorming can help you get ideas. By concentrating during the planning phase, you can collect and write down all the information that you will need to write later in the essay.

With the help of Mindmaps, you can not only get a visual overview of your essay or your homework, but also quickly recognize, at which core points you can continue to work.

  1. Show knowledge

A well-written essay shows the reader that you know the answer to the question asked. After the introduction you should focus on the main points of the theory, the literature analysis or the pros and cons arguments, depending on the question type.

It can often be that you know the answer but have difficulty formulating it in writing. Try not to digress and really only answer the question that was asked. For extra points, you can add examples from reality or quotes from experts. Additional information like this shows that you have really understood the topic.

  1. Adjust the writing style

Rule # 1 Writing Essay: Keep your audience in mind. Is it a scientific work? Then the essay should be written extensively and objectively. Is the essay part of a homework assignment in high school? Then probably theoretical principles and the summary of facts are required.

There are also four types of essays: argumentative essays, compelling essays, descriptive essays, and narrative essays. Once you know what your target audience is and what kind of essay you are asking for, then you should have no difficulty in making the content of your essay interesting.

  1. Use online tools and apps

There are free student apps that can help you with the essay writing. If you register with ExamTime, you can also use our online learning tools for writing essays. As you’ve already seen, mind maps are great for structuring an essay. With flashcards you can remember the most important grammatical tips and record words / phrases that you want to include in your final version. Since you can also take notes from a mind map, you can save time refining your essay.

  1. No-Go: plagiarism

Many institutions are serious about plagiarism and it may even happen that you are exmatriculated if you fly!

There are many pages and software that can be used to detect plagiarism. Make sure that you have read your university’s policy on plagiarism and proper citation before adding information from an external source. You should be especially careful when completing theses and dissertations.

Overcome writer’s block

And if it comes to the fact that you just do not know further and you can not come up with a reasonable sentence, then there are on the page Leselupe.de 10 good tips and tricks for you, how to overcome a writer’s block or even avoid it from the beginning.

And do not forget: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! Write your essay so that even a reader without prior knowledge can understand it. If you follow this approach, then you will always have to add background information, which will ultimately bring you more points. In addition, you should always adhere to the guidelines given by your teacher or instructor, as this can be the difference between a good and an excellent job!